NOVATECH INSTRUMENTS is a manufacturer of Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) Signal Sources, Rubidium Frequency Standards and Quartz Frequency Standards. The signal generator product line includes instruments (rack mount, bench or table top) and modules that can be embedded into your instrument, system, or test equipment. We have been in business since 1989 and we manufacture our products in Seattle, Washington, USA. All our products can be shipped worldwide.

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Model 1450B Multi-channel Disciplined Frequency Standard in a 2U Rack Mounted Case.
Model 2908A 100MHz Benchtop DDS Signal Generator.
Model 2940A Dual Channel 400MHz Benchtop Synthesizer.
Model 2960AR Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standard, with two 10MHz and one 5MHz output.
Model 2965AR Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standard, with one 10MHz, one 5MHz and one 50MHz synthesized output.
Model 2975AR Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standard, with one 10MHz, one 5MHz and one 50MHz synthesized output. Front panel control of frequency with LCD Display.
Model 2960AX GPS disciplined Quartz Frequency Standard.
Model 408A Table Top Precision 100 MHz Frequency Synthesizer and Clock Generator with one microhertz resolution.
Model 409B Table Top 4-Channel, 171MHz Signal Generator. -- 409B Videos!! -- App Note - External Timing and Synchronization of 409B: AN002.
Model 425A Table Top Precision 350 MHz Frequency Synthesizer and Clock Generator.
Model 440A Table Top 400MHz Frequency Synthesizer.
Model DDS8m 100MHz DDS Quadrature Generator.
Model DDS8p 120MHz 48-bit Frequency and 14-bit Phase Agile Quadrature Synthesizer. Combined DDS8m and DDS8p Addendum. to the DDS8p operating instructions showing settings of S1. (high resolution photo, 1.2M)
Model DDS9m 171MHz DDS 4-Channel Signal Generator with Table Mode.
The table mode in the Model DDS9m can be "single stepped" either by a serial command or by external control. See the details in AN002.
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Ordering Information.

We accept Purchase Orders and Credit Cards from customers located in the USA upon approved credit. We provide Pro Forma Invoices for businesses outside the USA and request pre-payment by Wired Funds.

We generally ship Federal Express for shipments in the United States and DHL for overseas shipments. Other carriers can be used based upon customer requirements. Please note: We cannot ship ground COLLECT, either UPS or FedEx, due to their policies.

To place an order please contact us via mail, email, fax or phone at the location shown below.

Novatech Instruments

4210 198th Street SW, Suite 204
Lynnwood, WA 98036 USA
(Novatech Instruments is a tradename of Brett Associates, Inc.)
206.301.8986,, FAX 425.645.8129
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